Top Ten Reasons To Fire Jared Polis

Sunday, July 29, 2012

In the spirit of Late Night, here’s a “top ten” list – why Jared Polis must not be reelected.

10 - Polis is a member of the Congressional Progressive Caucus.  This is a group of the 76 most liberal members of Congress.  The CPC supports tax increases, creation of a national investment bank, increased government employment, defense cuts, and increasing our involvement in the UN.

9 - Polis believes government should run your health care.  He campaigned on single-payer (i.e., 100% government) health care, and he strongly supported the “public option.”  Of course, he proudly voted for Obamacare.

8 - Polis is a hypocrite.  His words consistently have little to do with his deeds.  He voted for $3 trillion in new spending, and now says he wants to balance the budget.  He campaigned as a school reformer, and then voted against school choice for DC children.  He wrote a Wall Street Journal op-ed opposing auto bailouts, and then voted for them a few weeks later.

7 - Polis can’t stand up to Nancy Pelosi.  In 2011, he voted with Pelosi’s Democrats 89% of the time.  And that’s worse than it sounds; he didn’t even show up for most of the remaining votes.

6 - Polis is immature.  He read the lyrics to “The Internet is for Porn” into the Congressional Record.  And let’s allow his own online words speak for himself:  “CO results so far: S*#!ntorum in 1st”; “'Sky is blue, fish swim, Anderson Cooper is gay'; and, commenting on a picture he posted of his dog, “My doggie a karma whore!”  Mr. Polis, you’re a Congressman.  Act like it. And, maybe, try to get some work done for the people who elected you.

5 - Polis undermines America’s relationship with Israel.  Polis is an unapologetic supporter of Obama’s policy of creating “distance” between the U.S. and Israel. He signed the Cohen-Boustany-Carnahan letter, which called for Obama’s to impose a "solution" on Israel and for the creation of a Palestinian state prior to addressing Israel’s need for security.  Polis is also intimately involved with J-Street, a Soros-backed group that consistently lobbies the U.S. to take stances contrary to Israel’s interests and to downplay Palestinian intransigence.  He has spoken at J-Street conference, accepted campaign contributions from J-Street’s PAC, and is a J-Street endorsed candidate.

4 - Polis is a crony Congressman.  Shortly after he was first elected, he repaid his friend Pat Stryker for her major financial backing of his campaign and previous political projects by pushing the U.S. Department of Energy to grant Abound Solar, a company backed by Stryker, a $400 million taxpayer loan guarantee. Like Solyndra, this company has since gone bankrupt.

3 - Polis has misplaced priorities.  While the United States faces staggering deficits and debt, persistent unemployment, and increasing threats abroad, Polis decided the best use of his time was to introduce the SLICE Act, regulating the classification of pizza in school lunches.  He has also invested significant effort in legislation dealing with the treatment of exotic animals…

2 - Polis is corrupt.  As highlighted in the Denver Post, in Newsweek, and in Hoover Institute Fellow Peter Schweitzer’s book "Throw Them All Out", Polis abused the public’s trust, lining his own pockets by trading on the unique access to regulatory and legislative information resulting from his position as a Congressman.  While not illegal at the time, Polis’ trades would be illegal now under the terms of the STOCK Act, which Polis supported only after his own misconduct was revealed.

and the number 1 reason to fire Jared Polis:

1 - Polis has been a 100% reliable vote for Obama’s destructive agenda.  He supported Obamacare, the Stimulus, Dodd-Frank, card check, auto bailouts, death tax extensions, debt limit increases and cap-n-trade.  These bad policies all increase government’s role in our lives, reduce our freedom, and stifle the economy. Legislation Polis supported has done our nation a great deal of damage.

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