ICYMI: Rep. Polis says Weissmann would "be a fine congressman."

Monday, February 27, 2012

Rep. Jared Polis made some flattering remarks about Eric Weissmann in an interview with the Colorado Statesman. He described Weissmann as "a good friend, a capable guy… He’d be a fine congressman."

We’d like to thank the Congressman for his kind remarks. Congressman Polis is likewise a smart and capable candidate. Eric had hoped he would be a different type of Democrat. Unfortunately, Polis has used his vote in the Congress to advance a dangerous agenda, make the federal government much bigger and more intrusive. His support for initiatives like ObamaCare, stimulus spending, Cap and Trade, and Card Check offend the sensibilities of Colorado's newly redistricted Second Congressional District.

But we do appreciate Congressman Polis' recognition of Eric's leadership capabilities and commitment to serving his community! If you also think Eric is "a capable guy" and he would "be a fine congressman," please consider becoming a volunteer or making a contribution today!

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