Friday, February 17, 2012

(Boulder, CO) -- Eric Weissmann, candidate for Colorado's 2nd Congressional District, today pledged not to seek any earmarks in the next Congress. Weissmann is the only candidate in the race to sign the pledge, drawing a sharp distinction between himself and his opponent, incumbent Congressman Jared Polis.

As described by the pledge’s sponsor, Americans for Prosperity, "earmarking" is the process used by members of Congress to redirect taxpayer funds to identified projects without going through a rigorous merit review process.

"Spending 'earmarks' are among the most odious and corrupting of congressional practices," observed Weissmann. "Members of Congress use earmarks to direct money toward politically-connected donors and supporters. In some cases, Members of Congress have even earmarked federal monies to entities in which they have a personal financial interest. This is just wrong. Any real reform of Washington has to start with ending earmarks.

"Not only has Jared Polis refused to sign the pledge against seeking earmarks for even a single term, but he has personally sought millions of dollars in earmarks. On the issue of spending, there is a clear difference between Jared Polis and me. Instead of leaving in place a mechanism that incentivizes Members of Congress to spend more money, I want to pursue reforms that reduce government spending.

"From the stimulus, to Obamacare to earmarking, Washington's spending binge continues unchecked under Jared Polis," concluded Weissmann. "We have to do better."

Comments commented on 03-Dec-2013 12:13 PM
ił na skrzydła Uwodzicielska usługi dźwigowe.

oblubienicy. Odsunęła się. - Jestem maszyną - szepnęła, spoglądając na Wagnera, -
Nie mamm wstydu.
- Jesteś. - doniósł jest dozwolone Frodo, uważając jej prosto w oczy.
- Jesteś...
Pasł na kolana.
- Kiim ty, ladacznica, jesteś? - spytał ospale, - Widmo?
- W jakim celu żyję? - Poderwała się. - Słuchałeś, jestem
maszyną... Wydawało mu
się, że w jejj rybunale.

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